Tibetan Mastiffs


Snow Lions

Snow Lions & Tibetan Mastiffs

We have chosen our American Tibetan Mastiffs for there beauty, their Lion Type heads and amazing temperaments.

The Snow Lion represents unconditional cheerfulness and a mind free of doubt.   As can be seen in the flag above, Snow Lion have been used as a nation emblem of Tibet.

 We have two liters of Lion Type puppies available, bred from a true Snow Lion and a pair of gorgeous American TM sisters.

Snow Lions are majestic, pure white Chinese Tibetan Mastiffs.  They are very rare, visually stunning and possess an energy like no other. 

Once in a great while you invite a puppy into your home to become a new member to your family. With a Snow Lion and Tibetan Mastiff they are not only a member of your family but a best friend and loyal companion who will steal your heart forever and provide you and your family with years of priceless memories.